August 1, 2012


Dear all

As much as I hate to say it next month is September, which means autumn is upon us, where is this year going?

However, autumn is a fantastic time for weddings, as is every season, but I just love the colours of autumn and the lovely decoration ideas around.  You can have lovely rich oranges and olive greens, as well as rich bronze browns, all of which look beautiful with cream and gold.

You can have fir cones in your decorations or as place name holders and have logs chopped to use as candle holders. 

A lot of these ideas are great for DIY brides and can also save on the budget.  These sorts of items mixed with a few beautiful bespoke items can really make your day unique and beautiful.

I just love this idea from Katie Sue Stationery; this amazing table tree plan is just superb and so different and unique.  It is also something beautiful to keep after the wedding and will always be a talking point among your guests.  Katie Sue is also available at

As a Wedding Planner and Designer I think it is so important for every wedding to be different and have little unique and quirky touches personal to the bride and groom.  Unfortunately alot of weddings are very similar which suit some people which is absolutely fine, but I just love a wedding to be a little different and tell a story about the happy couple and their lives and for everybody at the wedding to share in what they love.   Remember as well that a wedding is just the beginning of a fantastic journey together.

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Amy x

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