June 12, 2012


Dear all

I often get asked what different colours actually mean.  I am very lucky that I love colours and love using them to their best potential.  I think this is not only due to the fact that I plan weddings, but also because I love fashion and I am studying interior design.  It is so important in my job to understand colour and light and how different colours work together.

Anyway as a quick summary, here is what the main colours mean:-

  • Blue – Dependable, trustworthy and committed.
  • Green – Wellbeing, self-respect and balance.
  • Yellow – Enlightenment, happiness and optimism.
  • Orange – Fun, flamboyant and energy.
  • Red – Passionate and commands attention.
  • Pink – Fun, exciting and youthful.
  • White – Cleanliness, purity and neutrality.
  • Purple – Mystical, royal and creative.

So if you are struggling to pick a colour for your wedding maybe the above meanings may help out a little and remember think what will look good in the photographs.

Update soon

Amy x

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