November 6, 2012


Dear all

More and more brides and couples want to put ‘their stamp’ on their wedding day.  I love the ‘Wedding in a Teacup’ website with their DIY Favour ideas.

I especially love the labels they do if you want to make you own jam, honey, chutneys and sweets.  This really personalises your favours and makes them look really special.

They also match in with a personalised and country style theme which is so popular at the moment and which will be for 2013 weddings. 

So start saving those jars for making your jams and chutneys and keep your eye out for fabric that matches your colour scheme / theme to go over the top of the jars.  Just because you are a DIY bride doesn’t mean that you should forget the detail.  The more detail you have the more personal it will be and I promise you guests will really appreciate your efforts and think of your wedding whilst they are using your jam, chutney or honey in the year to come.

Update soon

Amy x

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