August 8, 2012


Dear all

Apart from the venue the catering can be the next big expense when it comes to planning your wedding and unfortunately the food is what people remember so you want to ensure it is good and memorable.  So here are a few tips to save a little bit on the catering without skimping on quality.

  1. Know your budget and don’t go over, this may sound an obvious one but it is so easy to get carried away with the little extras.  Little extras x 80 guests can soon add up.
  2. Get married later.  If you aim to have a 3.00 – 4.00 pm ceremony this means that effectively you only have to feed your guests once – a big saving!  If you feel the need to feed your guests later in the evening go for bacon butties or if you are have a cheese cake have that served with chutneys and fresh bread.
  3. If you choose an expensive wedding venue it is likely that their food will be expensive as well.  Look at venues that give you a choice or the flexibility to choose your own catering / drink options.
  4. Opt for plain linen and crockery; afterall your tables are going to look beautiful with everything else on them.  If you think plain napkins are a little dull dress them with organza ribbons to match your colour to tie everything in.
  5. Work with what ingredients are fresh at the time of year you are getting married.
  6. Don’t be afraid to go for simple menus.  Remember beef and venison can be quite expensive whereas pork and chicken are a lot more reasonable.
  7. Serve Prosecco instead of Champagne.  By the time your guests have had a few cocktails on arrival and wine with their meal I really don’t think they will know if they are being served the finest champagne.  Also a good Prosecco is a lot better than cheap Champagne.
  8. Limit your guest list – although you want the whole world to be at your wedding, remember that every guest is costing you money to be there.  Yes they may say ‘you look stunning’ and bring you a nice gift and take a few photos, but at the end of the day you are almost paying for this yourself and more.  Ensure you are inviting people you want to be there and to share your special day with.
  9. Go for pudding canapés with the coffee after the meal.  These work out a little cheaper and a lot more fun.

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