May 16, 2012


Dear all

Inspiration, ideas and visions are the key to any wedding.  Without these it is really hard to come up with a theme to base your wedding on.  My advice is to think of what is important to you as a couple, what do you enjoy, what are your hobbies, where did you meet, where are you going on honeymoon, what are your jobs?  If you can brainstorm some ideas together you should come up with a list of possibilities to base your wedding on.   Also the time of year can determine a theme to a certain extent, as well as the venue you have in mind, oh and of course your dress if you happen to have it already.

Once you have some ideas together you can start to research further and this is where colours will start to come into the equation.   You probably already have some strong ideas of what colours you do and don’t like.  Whatever they are, just remember that they need to photograph well, afterall photographs are going to be your memories of your special day.

If you are creative it is a really good idea to create an inspiration or mood board, this will let you see all of your ideas together and start to build the foundations for your theme and colour scheme for your big day.  It is also brilliant for taking with you when you are researching flowers, bridesmaid dresses, chair covers, etc.

I find that these inspiration or mood boards are brilliant and can give you a real picture of how things work together.  Alternatively start to pin pictures onto a pin board and over time as you see them together you will know what you do and don’t like and more importantly what you get bored with quickly.

Themes and colours are so important so make sure you spend lots of time choosing what is right for you and your photographs.

Update soon

Amy x

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