September 11, 2020

Amy was a total blessing when it came to our wedding.  We had the dreamiest wedding we could ever imagine – despite the odds all thanks to her!

She helped us so much – sticking to our vision, prioritising what was important for us as a couple, and led us to the right suppliers to make our wedding day how we wanted it.

Despite the hindrances with the current circumstances (pandemic and lockdown), she was very supportive and never let us down.

Amy made sure everything was as planned and left us feeling at ease, full of love and laughter on our special day.

We can’t thank you enough Amy!  You are worth every penny!



Ela and Kieran initially contacted me back in July 2019, (I was recommended to them by a couple whose wedding I did back in August 2017), as they wanted assistance finding their perfect wedding venue.  Their wedding venue search led to me providing full wedding planning for them both, including wedding day management.  Such a lovely and genuine couple to work with.

How did Kieran propose?
We were in Firenze on our birthday trip last May 2019.  I booked tickets for us to visit and see the top of the Duomo.  I had no idea he was going to propose to me on that trip, nonetheless on that day. Florence is such a beautiful city and I enjoyed walking around and everywhere and there was Kieran, unbeknownst to me was really anxious from carrying the ring in a crowded busy centre. We finally finished climbing the 463 tight and narrow steps and now, on top of the building, I literally had to catch my breath as not only because of the view but because beside me was Kieran on his knee asking me to marry him.  Of course, it was an easy Yes!  We got claps and cheers from everyone in that little circle overlooking the city.  We went down giddily, still in tears and surprise and we had gelatos to celebrate our engagement.

What was also very sweet of him was that when we went home to the Philippines last 2018 for my brother’s wedding, he already asked for my parent’s blessing.  I thought that was really thoughtful of him and I am always thankful that he has honoured my parents that way.

How did you both meet?
Kieran and I both swiped right on Tinder.  We had our first date after around 2 months of on and off exchange of messages.  We both became exclusive from then on.

Describe your style?
Kieran and I are both practical but we also like nice things. I like pretty things and there’s so many of them.  Although there are plenty of trends and ideas for weddings and choosing which is quite overwhelming, I decided to think of how I want to remember my wedding. Kieran and I had a talk and discussed what we both like, how we both want our wedding day to be (look, feel, styling) and how we want to remember it in photos.  I think from there we decided on the classic and timeless scheme which is very us.

Why did you feel the need to hire a wedding planner?
The moment we got back from Florence, we have decided to plan the wedding as soon as possible. Kieran already mentioned that he will be ringing Amy as he knows her from his best friend’s wedding a few months back.  I think we started scouring for venues and checking out caterers, etc.  Needless to say, our emails were pinging every minute – not to mention Kieran and I do not have the same off days as I work shifts so it was good we decided to ring Amy as soon as we can.  It was clearly the best way to go in planning a wedding.  It was a practical choice and we didn’t want to overwhelm ourselves.

What made you choose Amy?
Amy had plenty of excellent reviews.  Again, she was recommended by our friends as Amy was also their wedding planner.  From her portfolio, we already saw dedication to her job and everything in her portfolio shows how personalised the events were.


Ela’s and Kieran’s gorgeous elegant Summer 2020 wedding obviously wasn’t what we had originally planned due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Both Ela and Kieran had lots of family abroad that were supposed to travel over for their 80+ wedding at a stunning venue.

Their plans all changed in May and it was all hands-on deck rearranging everything and having to cancel some things (which was just heart-breaking).  This couple wanted to get married though, whatever, and luckily the restrictions were lifted enough for them to be able to have a small wedding ceremony, along with some stunning photos and a small handful of their guests back to their garden.

Such a lovely couple that make you realise what weddings are really about.  A huge thank you from me as well to the suppliers that rode out this wedding journey, especially James Green Studio and Flower Barn.    These two suppliers were the absolutely perfect match for Ela and Kieran and I will be forever grateful.  Also thank you to Nicky at Polka Dot Creations for being so accommodating with all of the changes, even up until a few days before the wedding.

What did you most enjoy about working with Amy?
Amy always made sure that it was about us.  She took time to get to know Kieran and I.  We had a conversation early on about what our priorities are for the wedding as a couple.  She always tells us during the wedding planning to trust our guts.  Also, Amy was really flexible with A LOT of changes leading up to our wedding day, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Of course, Amy does gorgeous work but, also, she is someone we were able to be honest with – she listens well and really became our partner in the wedding planning journey.

What part of your wedding planning did you enjoy the most?
I enjoyed planning the overall day in general.  I thought it was all the little details adding up to make the most beautiful day.  Amy has really guided us and we were able to curate the perfect team of suppliers.  They were all brilliant, obviously very creative and all excelling in their fields.  We just had to present them our vision, and left them to do their magic.  Our special day was undeniably us and we thank our team of suppliers for making that happen.

What part of your wedding day did you enjoy the most?
Amy created a very detailed on the day itinerary which I really appreciated as I am a planner and into details as well.  I have to say I loved every moment of the day but my favourite part was during the bridal preparation in the morning.  I felt so relaxed and at peace and to think there was A LOT of things happening before the big day.  On that morning, I knew it was happening, everything was flowing really well and I knew I had Amy who was very reliable – there is really nothing more to worry about.

What advice would you give to a bride (or groom) whilst planning their wedding?
Listen to each other and decide on what you both can and can’t compromise on.  Getting married is just the start of things, not the end.  Also, delegate.  Amy was always a text away for us and made it as smooth sailing as it can be.

Five words to describe Amy?
Reliable | Organised | Approachable | Couture | Gregarious


Wedding Planner – Amy Thorne of Amaranthyne Weddings
Photographer – James and Merika of James Green Studio
Florist – Jenny and Emma of Flower Barn
Hairdresser – Emily Johnson
Order of Service, Signage and Banner – Polka Dot Creations
Wedding Dress – Needle and Thread
Veil – Wilderness Bride
Brownies and Meringues – Wendyfull Cakes

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