January 8, 2013


Dear all

Don’t forget to read our third instalment on Little Love Notes Blog, here’s a snippet:-

After weeks of thinking I still can’t decide on a theme or colour scheme for the wedding!  My ‘mood boards’ just seem to be a huge mess. How am I supposed to decide when there are so many amazing ideas out there?

It is difficult to pick a theme when there is so much choice, but by picking one will help and save on your budget, as long as you stick to it. 

For a theme make sure you pick something that is special to both of you, i.e. travel, vintage, wine, etc.  As soon as you decide start creating your mood board.  If you don’t like something within three days remove it and replace it.  If you get bored of something quickly, it isn’t right!

With regards to colours, often you have a favourite colour, but do pick your wedding dress and venue before deciding 100%.  If your venue has green décor you don’t want to opt for a burgundy colour theme.  Always try and keep in touch with the venues décor with regards to your colour and theme.  Barn conversions looks lovely with simple and elegant themes and you pretty much can choose whatever colour you want.  Whereas a medieval venue would be better with a medieval or wine style theme with rich jewel colours as your theme.

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