July 21, 2014

It’s always so rewarding to receive a testimonial, but this one is absolutely lovely.  It’s also great as I get to work with this superb couple for the next couple of years as their wedding isn’t until July 2016.  So looking forward to their next and final trip before the wedding next Summer.

“Living in Canada, we started our wedding journey shopping around for venues.  We started big.  First, we had to decide in which country we wanted to get married.  We made the decision that England wouldn’t even be on the radar unless we could find a phenomenal wedding planner to guide us along the way.

Almost immediately, we found Amy.  In the selection process, Amy quickly stood above the crowd with her professionalism and forward-thinking attitude. In our initial email, we had mentioned we were going to be visiting England. Amy suggested having our meet-and-greet appointment over Skype so that we could hit the ground running when we arrived.  With a short-trip planned, this was exactly what we needed.

Through email, Pinterest and instinct, Amy had prepared for us a long list of venues that fit our vision, budget and guest list.  Before we even stepped foot onto UK soil, we had co-ordinated a short list of venues and booked 4 viewings and a follow-up appointment.  Amy chauffeured our carless selves to each of the four venues and patiently answered questions while pointing out the features of each incredible venue.

Amy has been a valuable asset to our little wedding planning team and has been exceptionally helpful in every task we’ve faced so far.

Initially, we were undecided about our need for a wedding planner beyond the venue search but Amy’s down-to-earth, collected, soothing nature blew us away and we couldn’t imagine planning the rest of our wedding without her”.

Madison and Phil

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Amy x

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