May 5, 2012


Hi everybody

For a while now there has been the term ‘minimoon’ used for a short break / holiday after the wedding – they are generally a city or spa break.   This is a time when newlyweds can recharge for three to four days and enjoy their first few days of married life together, believe me I know that these days are so special and magical.

I think minimoons are a fantastic idea and it also means that you can have your main honeymoon a few months after the wedding.  This gives you time to plan something a little more adventurous when your energy levels are back up after the emotional day of getting married.    It also gives you something to look forward to after the dress has been cleaned, the photos chosen and the thank you cards written.

Minimoons are also an excellent choice if you happen to be getting married towards the latter part of the year.  Who wants three weeks holiday (which is probably what it amounts to once you have had a few days off before the wedding) in November?  That means for most people they will probably have only had one other weeks holiday during that year! 

That gives you no time for pre-wedding planning, hen / stag breaks or premoons (another excuse to have a two night relaxing break a month or so before the wedding).

Spread the enjoyment and holidays over a period of a few months and really plan and look forward to a proper honeymoon.   This also helps with spreading the cost and if you have asked for ‘holiday vouchers’ as wedding gifts, at least you can use them before the holiday balance is due, rather than having to spend them on excursions you maybe don’t really want.

Travelling and journeys are what life is all about, so use them to their full potential.

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