June 22, 2012


Dear all

Seating plans are always something that is thought about when you are well underway with your wedding planning.  You might have thought about whether you want table numbers or names but what about how you will let your guests know where they are sitting.

There are lots of ways of displaying each table’s guests.  Obviously there is the more common style of seating plan which can match your wedding stationery theme which look lovely for a traditional wedding.  But there are alternatives which could be luggage style labels hung on trees / branches or pinned to an old fashioned suitcase, triangular tags pegged onto bunting or a collage of pictures of the bride and groom with the table names intermingled within.

Again as with all wedding planning it is picking something that is that bit different and that suits you as a couple and your chosen theme.

Once you have picked a theme for you wedding it does make it easier in picking everything else, as it limits your choice which believe me can help a lot.

Whilst I was in Waterstones the other week I saw these sheets of wrapping paper which I thought would make fantastic seating plans for a Travel, European or Paris themed wedding and they are only £2.95 per sheet.  You could have luggage labels printed for each table to pin onto the relevant country or place (which could be your table names).   You could even wrap your wedding card post box in it to tie in the theme even more or have it as a back drop in your photobooth.    There are endless ways they would be utilised into your wedding so why not head down to your local Waterstones and have a look.

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