August 23, 2012


Dear all

I just love films about weddings as I can switch off and enjoy. On Monday I went to see the recently released film ‘The Wedding Video’ with my lovely mum (we definitely need to do it more often), which revolves around a Best Man (the Grooms brother) deciding to film the lead up to the wedding and give it to him as a wedding gift! It is set in the cut throat world of English Society weddings and certainly shows how competitive weddings can get! I must admit the first half an hour I wasn’t sure about the shaky camera and thought I may leave with a migraine! It did get better though and ended up being extremely funny and a little tearful, there were definitely a couple of ‘laugh out loud’ moments. It also showed how the mother of the bride thought it was her wedding day which unfortunately can happen on some occasions – please remember your wedding is your day. The film stars Lucy Punch, Miriam Margolyes, Robert Webb, Rufus Hound, Harriet Walter and Michelle Gomez as the Wedding Planner. The Wedding Planner in the film is hilarious and I can assure you all that I doubt there are many wedding planners like that! If you have seen the film, I haven’t been an Air Hostess and I don’t need half a bottle of pills to run a wedding, as I am sure a lot of other planners don’t either.

Being released on 31 August 2012 is another wedding movie ‘A Few Best Men’ which stars Xavier Samuel and Laura Brent who meet and fall in love during a holiday romance. They get engaged and David goes home to England and gets his three best friends (Kris Marshall, Kevin Bishop and Tim Draxl) to return with him to Australia for the wedding. The film also stars Olivia Newton-John as David’s future man-eating mother in law and the family ram! One to watch definitely I think. No doubt I will be heading to the pictures again at the beginning of September (hopefully with my mum).

Update soon

Amy x

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