December 20, 2020

When I read my 2019 highlights blog post, it makes me sad all over again, about all of those couple’s weddings planned for this year who have had to reschedule.  An incredibly stressful and uncertain year for everyone and one we will never forget.

I normally plan and see through 35-40 weddings per year, however, this year it has been just the 5!  With the other 30+ all moving to 2021 (Easter onwards) and 2022.  It was so lovely to see that handful of weddings go ahead though, love really does win.  With some of these couples, it is now about planning a blessing and the proper celebrations, when it is safe to do so and when restrictions have eased.

I so hope that slightly larger weddings can start to go ahead again from Easter / late spring onwards. I appreciate some of these weddings may be smaller and not quite what a bride originally had in mind, but I think from the summer (this year) onwards, couples have realised what is important and the reason they are getting married.

The first part of the March / April lockdown was absolutely crazy moving so many weddings to later in the year, some of these have now moved 3 times.  Then in September, when the new rule of 15 was announced, it was another busy time moving the majority of my weddings to Easter (and beyond).  Then from the November lockdown and tier 3 restrictions it really is a rollercoaster, with tier 4 restrictions on the horizon…

Whilst 2020 hasn’t been the year for weddings, it has certainly (for me) been the year of accepting change, spending quality time with my family, refocussing, learning new skills and deciding what really is important.  A big hug goes to my gorgeous daughter who has been an absolute little star this year, from homeschooling, not seeing her friends or being able to hug her grandparents or seeing some of her other relatives.  Like many other children, its been really hard for them and I think they have coped amazingly. Also my husband has been an absolute rock throughout this year and made me realise that with every challenge there is a great opportunity.

I chose not to do as much social media this year, as I wanted to focus my full attention (where possible) working on my business moving forward.  I’ve spent an awful lot of time this year re-evaluating my business plan (from the original one way back in 2011 to the more updated one of 2015).  I am extremely positive for 2021 and now know which direction my business will move in and it is certainly exciting times ahead.

I really do hope that bigger weddings (and evening receptions) can happen again soon (when it is safe to do so). Covid has had such an impact on our industry, whilst we aren’t quite through it yet, fortunately, I am one of the lucky ones that has rode the storm and looking positively ahead to Spring 2021 and beyond.  I have some gorgeous weddings I am currently working on and can’t wait for them to actually take place.

I am still offering a wedding date change service (hopefully not for too much longer), as well as a bespoke micro wedding service, please get in touch for a tailored quote.

Have a wonderful (albeit maybe a little different) Christmas everyone and here’s to a positive and less challenging 2021. I know the first couple of months are going to be tough whilst the vaccine is rolled out but we will get through it.  2020 has certainly been the year that we appreciate what we have.

Stay safe and sending lots of love to you all.

Amy x

Photo Credits – Alex Tenters Photography

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